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We are all told, “live your life to the fullest”; I am here to do just that. Evrything-Evryday-Mama serves as a vessel to project my passions, and clue in my loyal readers as to what inspires me in this crazy world. So, sit back, relax, and read on.

Water Abatement 2019-2020

Nature is an ever present phenomenon that is as benevolent as it is destructive.  Each year I battle valiantly against the beauty and raging force of naturally occurring water.  This river, as mesmerizing as it may seem takes a lot of work and creates tones of stress and anxiety.  Follow me this year as I venture to incorporate the water route in a dry creek water feature, thus relieving my concerns while increasing my curb appeal.

The Garage

It all began with this drain

I bought this house (my first house) in February of 2018 in Western Washington.  All time is rainy time in Washington and February was plenty wet.  I learned very quickly (still learning) water in the garage was a problem.  One rainy afternoon I noticed the driveway (also a disaster) was a steep sloping water ramp that fed directly into the garage then proceeded to exit out the far opposite corner, creating and diagonal b-line through the space, touching and ruining everything in its path.  So what do I do?  I ask questions, I get to googling, youtubing, and finally decided to go with a drain.  Back to googling, back to youtubing, settling on my approach and method, gathering supplies and finally I broke ground.

Breaking Ground

First Project, First Lessons

Breaking through three inches of solid concrete, 2ft x 14ft, was a treat.  I did it all manually, all by myself with equipment help from neighbors and friends.  My boss at the time provided a 16 lbs. sledge hammer, the neighbor two houses over provided an 8 lbs. sledge hammer and the neighbor across the street presented me with a 2 lbs. mini sledge hammer (tagged "Thor's Hammer" by my tiny super heroes).  All three hammers can be seen in the photo above.  I am now and was then, five feet four inches tall and 143 lbs.  I am no stranger to heavy lifting and hard work but this task upped my independence game.  Sore and exhausted, yet proud and excited, I pressed on to phase two.

Visit the article "How-To Install A Channel Drain on a Budget," for step-by-step instructions on how I did it.

b channel 8.jpg

How-To Install A Channel Drain on a Budget

d walkway 1.jpg

The Walkway

From the Drain to the Walkway

It all began with the drain, but it did not end there. Once the drain was complete, it became apparent that the garden walkway needed just as much attention for water abatement and aesthetics. Click the link below the learn the journey of "The Walkway," and see how I transformed a catastrophe into a lovely landscape feature piece.


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