• Lani

Is it a Jam? Is it a Jelly? Preserve??

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Some of us who are new canning probably have tons of questions. I know I did when I began and I still ask questions now. This is my first year canning my fruits and going along the journey I am introduced to pectin, a fiber (carbohydrate) that thickens jams, jellies and preserves. Well then my next question was....What exactly is the difference between a jam, jelly or preserve?

It simple, its all in the state of fruit when being processed. Jelly is made from fruit juice, jam is made from crushed or pulped fruit and preserves are chucks of fruit in gel or syrup. Jelly tends to be the smoothest and slightly transparent, jams are often less stiff than jellies and preserves are not stiff at all, generally maintaining their syrupy texture. And there you have it...


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