Things I'd Like To Do

A new edition to the Evrything-Evryday-Mama website.  This page will list interesting articles and publications featuring "things I'd like to do," at the city homestead.  Subscribe and be the first to find out about my new ventures and write a post to share your experiences on how you've already tackled a recipe, project, or change-of-lifestyle.

Growing Up

DIY Vertical Growing

I have the all-powerful YouTube algorithm to thank for this video.  While learning about neat tricks and tips on getting the most out of small growing spaces as well as growing indoors during the winter, I found this video.  About halfway into the video I concluded this project must happen.  Click the video and check out this simple and useful DIY project.

Pressure Canning Meat.JPG

Check this out!

Pressure Canning Meat: A Simple Tutorial to Get You Started

I got this article from's columnist Bethany Hayes and it has made my list of "things I want to do."  Read it for yourself by clicking the link and keep your eyes open for future articles on my experience with this sustainable DIY project.

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