Recipe Favorites

Staple recipes from the home of the Evrything-Evryday-Mama

These recipes do not include ingredients grown on the grounds of the city homestead.  Listed below are staple recipes of the household that are always welcomed.  Most of my recipes include attempts to reduce fat, salt and calories in everyday meals...but not all of them (wink).


Simple, nutritious and oh so tasty.  This Pansit recipe is inexpensive and easy to make.  Tender pulled chicken, seasoned vegetables and perfectly cooked noodles, this meal is a win every time.

Easy chicken and broccoli alfredo

Some weeks just don't go as smoothly as others and our superior ability to plan our lives fall short.  This is one of my main go-to recipes when I need quick and easy.  It is always a hit, my entire family loves it and I'm sure your's will too.

ground turkey and black bean tacos and spanish rice

In most American households, tacos are not particularly new or unique. However, this recipe is an enormous hit in my house, and it's nutritious, too.

carnitas and cheese enchiladas

Tender pulled carnitas, warm corn tortillas smothered in a delectable sauce, and topped with melted cheese.  These enchiladas are a savory and flavorful recipe with influence from the south of the border.  No doubt, this will be a welcomed meal at your dinner table any night of the week.

homemade chicken and vegetable soup

If you are ready for a comforting and warm belly hug from homemade soup, this is the recipe for you.  Keep you eye out and be the first to try this wonderful recipe.

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