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Recipes to preserve your sweet fruits to gift to friends and family, pleasantly surprise your coworkers, or simply hoard and enjoy yourself

plum jam2.jpg

Plum Jam

Quick and easy recipe to can and preserve fresh plums in the summer.

peach jam2.jpg

Peach Jam

Quick and easy recipe to can and preserve fresh peaches in the summer.  Great on toast, pancakes and my favorite...plain greek yogurt!

spiced pear jam.jpg

Spiced Pear Jam


I really could end my description here...but I won't.  This jam is so flavorful and versatile.  It is great in traditional uses such as toast and as a sweetener in yogurt.  I intend to try it in pastry dishes and as a sauce in savory main dishes.

grape jam 2.jpg

Grape Jam

Grapes are great, grape jam is fantastic.  We had lots of grapes this year and I had an opportunity to try out many things.  This jam recipe is one of several successes.

watermelon jam.jpg

Watermelon Jam

Fun, exciting and beautiful.  This jam is light, sweet, and uniquely flavorful.