Recipes from the homestead harvest

Ways to enjoy fresh home-grown goodness

Recipes I've created, doctored and discovered using ingredients from my fruit trees and gardens.

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Homemade Jams & Jellies

Delicious and tasty, fresh picked natural fruit jams and jelly recipes to satisfy your families sweet toothes for the rest of the year

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Homemade Wines

The possibilities when making your own wine are limitless.

Stick to a single flavor, blend two..or three...or all of them! I love making my own wine for so many reasons. It is creatively fulfilling, not time-consuming, and budget-friendly.  The upfront cost can be as high or as low as you like and the reward is not having to pay for alcohol in the future.  Win-win I say.

cooked veggies

Different ways I have found to incorporate and infuse everyday recipes with more flavor and more nutrition.

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Canning and preserving fresh fruits and veggies

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