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Welcome to the Evrything-Evryday-Mama

The Journey

Winning and losing, through failure and triumph, I will share it all as I dig deep and commit to living each moment boldly and on my terms.  Single motherhood, an active non-conformist streak and an overwhelming thirst for independence have made me a Jane-of-all-trades, and I will share and show all my lessons learned.  DIY: gardening, canning, landscaping, home remodeling, woodworking, freelance writing, pickleball, bowling, injury recovery, plus tiny heathen's soccer, swim, karate, track, wrestling, basketball...holy hellfire Batman this life is crazy!!!  Join the crazy train that is my life and journey with me as I take on Evrything, Evryday, as a Mama.

Coconut oil is a foundation product for sustainable living at the city homestead.  Heart healthy, affordable and versatile I use coconut oil to pop popcorn, cook delicious dishes and make toothpaste and soap.  The city homestead is not complete without coconut oil.

Homestead Must-haves

Coconut Oil
Emotional Blackmail

Embracing Change and Understanding Yourself

This article is dedicated to change.  Change in thought, change in practice, change in eating, speaking, hearing, and learning.  Life is change, and there is no way to avoid it, with that, it seems best to expect and embrace it.


I love the flexibility of this recipe.  It has so many options, and no single version is objectively better than the other. This meal will warm the belly, soothe the soul, and hug your heart.

Things I'd like to do at the city homestead

A new edition to the Evrything-Evryday-Mama website.  This page will list interesting articles and publications featuring "things I'd like to do," at the city homestead.  Subscribe and be the first to find out about my new ventures and write a post to share your experiences on how you've already tackled a recipe, project, or change-of-lifestyle.

Still to come

Projects in progress and those on my wishlist

Grapes off the vine destined for wine and jam recipes.  Finishing touches on the garage drain.  Install stairs from the backyard down to the easement, and build a new couch. I am repaving the driveway and made extra sturdy bunk beds.  I want to build a modern picnic table, design a water reclamation system, and make deck upgrades.